Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A's first Christmas list

It's getting to be that time ...


Family/friends are asking what they can buy for A-man's first Christmas soooooo ...

Here's some things we are thinking A might like:

[Foam play mats.  He loves playing in the floor and he needs his own crawl space.]

[The conversion kit to turn his bottles into sippy cups.  These are Think baby.]

[High chair that can attach to our tall table.]

[Diaper covers from our favorite place: Rock-a-bye booty!]

Of course, we could always use clothes (9-12 months), books, puzzles, anything with dinosaurs (or monsters), and learning toys.  

I'm so excited for A's first holiday season.  It just means so much more now that he's here with us.  Ahh, love it.  

Off to bed.  Every second of sleep is precious for a retail girl during Black Friday week.

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  1. Cute!!! I am asking for learning toys and clothes for my kiddos too :)