Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm glad you're here ...

I did something BIG today.  Like, REALLY BIG.

I deleted my facebook ... AHHH!

I was way too addicted to the thing and found myself sitting on the computer for hours.  Neither can be healthy.  Not only that, but I was tired of reading everyone's "crap."  Pretty much everyone I went to high school with is in the EXACT same place as 8 years ago.  There's only a small amount of us that I truly care about and those either follow my blog (like, Heather at A Young Wife's Tale) or I actually talk to them (which again, is not very many).  The people that are truly important in my life have some other way of getting into contact with me.

It was seriously turning my brain to mush.

But, I have to say, I'm already having minor withdrawals.  I've already found myself looking for facebook in a tab, typing in the address, and just wondering what's going on in the big social network.

I keep telling myself, I'll be better for this.

Hi, my name is Sam.  I have an addiction to facebook.

So, lets be super social on my blog.  Y'all are my new blogger friends and I look forward to getting to know you a little better.  I think this is exactly where I'm supposed to be in my life!

PS:  Keep A-man (and mom/dad) in your thoughts.  He's teething hardcore and the blood curdling screams aren't good for any of us right now.  It makes me really sad for him.  We have some homeopathic Hyland's gel which seems to work, but he's just so miserable.

Deep breath in ....


  1. Okay so I finally figured out how to follow your blog from my phone. Gag!!! Its irritating. Anyway I have a present for you and some things for A. And I had to do all this to tell you that.

  2. Stopping by from the Y&R bloghop!
    Congrats on your deletion... I am fb free too! I never had one to begin with, so it doesnt bother me (although sometimes I want an extra 'entry' on a giveaway contest, and I can't 'like fb' but in the end... it's not worth it.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hello! I'm following you from the Restless week 5 blog hop! I'm following you through GFC, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    Much Love,

    P.S. Wow, that is a huge step! I honestly don't think I could ever delete my Facebook (even though it has caused lots of problems) because I have so many friends I keep up with on there. But I congratulate you on doing it!

  4. Hey Samoan!:) Hope you guys are doing well and sorry to hear about A's teething issues. Good news is that it won't last forever although that is little comfort now. Make sure and post often so that we can keep up. I would tell you to link this to FB buuuuttttttt......:)
    Anyway, love you guys and tell Josh hey!

  5. Stopping by from the Restless blog hop, you are brave to delete facebook, I don't think I could...

  6. I totally need to do this as well! I spend too much time on Facebook.

  7. I'm a new reader. You are so brave! I know I probably SHOULD delete facebook but I just...I can't OKAY?! I will when I'm ready! LMAO. Facebook Rehab anyone?

  8. My kid is almost 3 weeks old and I'm already dreading the teething. Trying to figure out a way to just not do it...can't he just mouth on mashed bananas his whole life?? Bless Archer's heart...give him sugar from us.

  9. Oh goodness! It seems like a crazy thing to do, but I have really stopped getting on it much. I just get on to look up specific people and to post links to the blog. We have some computer challenged family readers that mainly just click on the link I post to read the blog. I like to know about interesting stuff going on in people's life, but all i get is the same people posting stupid stuff.... maybe I should just clean out my friends.

  10. New Reader! Found your blog through Christa's Blog Hop! :)

    I have deleted facebook SO many times but always find myself going back for more. I am addicted and can't cut the habit.

    Good for you! :)

  11. Hi there, I am stopping by from Couponing From Florida to Michigan. I am your newest GFC follower. I would love a follow back.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I understand with deleting it, especially with little one's running around. Me, however, utilize it with my blog, and to get info from my blog. It is more of a business thing. I have a few friends and family on there, but, other than poker, it is for the blog. :)