Sunday, August 21, 2011


I'm restarting my blog. The majority of my day consists of my sweet baby A so if you don't like to hear about babies, being a momma, and all that comes with it, you should probably block this page. For everyone else, welcome to my cave.

I say cave, because since the beginning of this year, we went paleo. We try to do everything around here as simply as possible. We started a paleo lifestyle for several reasons:
1. Health - I was starting my second trimester (lots of brain growth for baby k) and my husband was a fatty. Like really y'all! When we look back on pictures, all that drinking really did some work on his (mine, too) body. He's now in the best shape of his life and surely added some good quality years on his life.
2. It just feels so much better - I hate eating crap. Sure, we have our cheats and sometimes just fall completely off the wagon, but it doesn't feel good. I like that my body can tell the difference.
3. We want to raise Archer without overly adding junk in his life. Junk as in food, over stimulation with television, chemicals, vaccinations, you name it. We want him to be as natural a baby as he's intended to be.
4. Sleeping in a dark room is rejuvenating.
5. Again, it just feels good!


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