Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 months ... no way!

My sweet little A-man will be 5 months old tomorrow.

5 Months!!!


Here's a cheat sheet on all things A at 5 months ...

-food. Seriously, all kinds. Pumpkin is the current favorite, especially mixed with almond or walnut butter and/or almond/breast milk. We've also done well with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, bananas, mango, sweet potato, apple, and butternut squash. In fact, there hasn't been a dislike yet! :) He's also started getting small pieces of mom's food.
-his feet
-grabbing a hold of ANYTHING he can get his hands on
-play mat
-mornings. He's so chatty in the morning. Its our favorite time together.
-gnawing on everything in sight
-being worn by mommy OR daddy
-Muck Sticky
-playing "Where's Archer?"
-walks to the post office with dad
-nursing when mom gets home
-rolling around
-swimming in the bath
-sleeping sideways in the bed at nap time
-BOTH the rain and waterfall sounds on the babysoothe app. They have to be at the same time!
-Iron chef
-ICE CREAM :) momma's boy

Definitely does NOT love:
-being hungry
-not being fed fast enough
-light in the room when he's trying to sleep
-the covers on him
-this one spoon we have
-being in the car for a long stretch of time. We for sure need to make more stops on our next road trip.
-getting water in his mouth during bath time
-cold water
-high fructose corn syrup
-having to be alone when he wants attention (Lucky for us, this doesn't happen a ton. When it does though, he's MAD.)
-the sun in his eyes
-getting his face wiped of after eating.
-not being able to figure out how to get bink in his mouth the correct way
-when dad doesn't share ice cream
-being sleepy and not being able to go to bed

All in all, our boy is happy. He is strong. He is smart. I couldn't ask for anything more. I love that little monster to pieces. He is the single best thing in both of our lives.

Happy 5 month day baby dino. Momma loves you.


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