Saturday, October 29, 2011

Already half a year ...

My baby is 6 months old today, y'all!  This is so exciting and a little sad all at the same time.  It seems like just yesterday that my amazing husband was coaching me through bringing our first little one into the world.  We labored as a team, as a family, and honestly we didn't even look to see what the sex was for the first 5 minutes.  We didn't care.  We had a happy, healthy baby that was wide-eyed and alert.  We had a little pink baby that was staring into our eyes like he knew exactly who we were.  We had someone that now relied upon us for everything.  Someone that we made.  Someone that we loved more than we ever thought possible.

Now that little someone is 6 months old.  He has his own personality.  He's mobile.  He eats like a champ. He cries when we aren't doing what he wants us to do.  He runs the house.  He listens to Muck Sticky "Feel so Good" AT LEAST once a day.  He loves going out to eat Japanese and will drink half a bowl of miso soup by himself.  He sleeps sideways in the bed, now at the very end so he has his own space.  He nurses for comfort but prefers real food to milk.  He loves his Memphis pup.  He can grab anything and everything in sight.  He hits his toys on EVERYTHING.  He is 100% boy.  His little blonde hair is finally growing in.  His eyes are the most amazing gray-blue I've seen.  He loves momma.  He and daddy have a schedule and he gets upset if momma messes that up.  He loves swimming in the bath tub.  He hates to be sitting still.  He loves ice cream.  He uses the potty more than his diapers.  He's so healthy.  He's freakin' strong.  He was such a big boy when mom was out of town for the week.  He loves being worn, still.  He has routines.  He loves his bink, but is a big boy and can sleep without it.  He hasn't tried a food he doesn't like.  He loves being in the gym with dad.  He would stay outside all day if we let him.  He has the biggest smile.  He goes to sleep so easily.

We are lucky.  We are thankful.  We could stare at him all day.  We are IN LOVE.


Happy 6 months, sweet boy.  Mom and Dad love you more than you will probably ever understand.  We want nothing but the best for you and hope you always know how important you are to us.  Thank you for being YOU and always remember that is most important.  We will always be here to support you in whatever path you take in life.  You are the most amazing thing that's ever happened to us and we can't wait to watch you teach your little brother/sister to be as amazing as you are.  We are very thankful to be your parents.  We love you so, so much.

PS:  We are totally saving up for a nice camera so we can get more pictures of our boy.  He's too cute for grainy iPhone pictures.  Merry Christmas to us?!? Fingers crossed.


  1. Happy 6 Months A-man!!!

    We just bought a new camera, a really good Sony powershot for just 99 bucks on sale! Check for sales, you can usually find really good ones. I recommend powershots with wee ones because they fit easily into your diaper bag and are replaceable if something happens, although I'd LOVE to get a rebel haha.

  2. Happy half birthday!!! they are getting so big. Milo is 9 months... Holy Moly. We carry a little powershot in the diaper bag at all times, but mostly use our Canon Rebel.

  3. I'm stopping by from The Restless Blog Hop. I'm following you by GFC. I'd love if you stopped by my blog. Have a great weekend.