Thursday, October 6, 2011

Struggling mom

Archer, could you please do this again? Please!?! Mom would really appreciate it if you would just sleep.

So we are cutting our first tooth, finally. It seems as if sweet baby A has been teething since about two months old, and we actually have a little white bud poking through on the bottom. This is so exciting because baby teeth are stinkin' cute, but oh man am I tired. Between the pregnancy exhaustion and Archer's evil twin, mom is NOT sleeping more than an hour at a time. I'm tired. #wwhhhiiinnnnnneeee Ok, all whining aside, everything isn't that bad. A is a great sleeper for the most part so I know this too shall pass.

Onto baby #2. Everyone has questions and we still haven't been to see our wonderful midwife yet. Honestly, we don't see the rush. We have our prenatals and I'm feeling pretty confident that I know what I'm doing. But I'll try and just answer the most common questions I'm getting right now ...

1. How far along are you? I'm not 100% sure with this baby like I was with Archer, but I'm guessing right around 4-6 weeks. Another reason I'm not rushing to the midwife. We can't do much yet so it's kind of pointless.
2. Do you want a boy or a girl this time? Everyone is saying that we need a girl, but I honestly feel like its a boy again. I feel like I'll end up with a house full of 'em and I'm ok with that.
3. Are you going to do everything the same? I'm going to absolutely try. We had a very successful pregnancy and an amazing birth with A and I wouldn't change it for any reason at all. We'll still go with a water birth, at home, with my husband doing most of the coaching. The only thing I might play around with is different positions during labor. The majority of my contractions with A were spent on the couch with Memphis because that's where I felt most comfortable. It's a proven fact that moving around during labor helps most women so if I can eliminate some of the contraction pain, I'll definitely try.
4. How are you feeling? I'm great actually. I have some food aversions every now and then but it seems more manageable this time around. Another plus from the Paleo, maybe? So far, onions are the only thing I'm just "absolutely not" eating. They don't taste like onions right now. Blech.
5. Was this baby a surprise? Yes and no. With Archer, we were actively trying to get pregnant. We were charting and following all the fertility signs. We got pregnant exactly when we thought we would, and I went into labor on the exact day I had said since the very beginning. With this baby, it's not like we were actively trying or not trying. We knew we wanted them close together for development purposes and just to be close in age, but we could never decide on how close. Honestly, we didn't think we could get pregnant yet. I'm still nursing A all the time and only 2% of women ovulate before their period comes back. Guess who's in that 2%?!? So its a little different because we don't have all the data like we did with A-man, but we are glad nature made the decision for us on how close they would be.
6. Are you excited or freaking out? Oh, definitely excited. There is not a single, tiny part of me that is nervous or freaking out. I'm very confident in my body with pregnancy and birth. Quite frankly, I feel like I rock at producing kids. We are totally prepared for another one, and have already settled back into the pregnancy life. Now we just have to enjoy the journey. This is a completely different baby and might be a different experience all together.

At least you get to somewhat share with us ... Yay for blogs.


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