Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tradition Tuesday

One of the things I love most about having a baby is starting our own traditions.  Most people automatically go to holiday (Totally got my holiday binder in at work today.  Christmas already?!?!) when they think of traditions, but even the little day to day things are so exciting to me.  Most people just think of these as setting a routine, but I'm not talking about:

6:00 pm - dinner
6:30 pm - bath
7:00 pm - bed

I'm talking about the fun little things that make our family unique.  Some of these include ...

-Waking A up in the morning.  He almost always wakes to nurse around 5 and then goes back to sleep while I get in the shower.  I keep him in bed until I get my hair dried and all that fun stuff and then I go wake up the sleeping babe.  It ALWAYS starts with the biggest smile.  What a way to start your day!
-Listening to "Feel so good" by Muck Sticky.  This is A's go-to song when he gets fussy.  He loves the video and even loves me singing "Oh baby Archer, you just make me feel so good.  Oooohhh yeah.".
-Trips to the post office with dad.  Sometime during the day they walk down to our neighborhood post office.  They go and talk to the mail lady and A loves being outside with dad and Memphis.
-Ice cream Tuesdays (and Saturdays).  We have some great friends that make local, homemade, organic ice cream for the growers and farmers market.  We make it a point to get some almost every week.  A has started recognizing the words "ice cream" and smiles.  He loves Keith and Mandy and loves their ice cream even more.
-Bedtime.  A will only go to sleep laying sideways in the bed if we aren't in there with him.  Dad takes him to our bed, puts him sideways, turns on his babysoothe app on the iPhone, and he's out.  He gets so happy to be in bed.  Although, we aren't sure if he goes straight to sleep or just likes to chill by himself for a while.  Either way, I'm cool with it.
-This one is kind of dumb, but I love it nonetheless.  If A is in "the cave" before I turn the light on, I have to say "bright light, bright light, bright light".  I say it in this weird voice and he loves it.  I even caught dad doing it the other day, just not in the weird voice.  He's the practical one.

These things make my day.  I cannot wait to start the bigger traditions and holiday traditions too.  That's what I remember most about my childhood.  We have a candy cane countdown that we always hung up in December.  My sister and I currently fight over who will get it one day.  I think I'm going to make one, because its still important that my baby sisters have while they're growing up.  Christmas eve, ever since my baby sisters were big enough to really enjoy the Christmas magic, we go outside and pour reindeer food in the driveway.  Every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, my grannie makes ME my strawberry cake.  Since I was a little girl, grandma ALWAYS gave us a big bag of m&m's in our stockings.  Every Easter, we eat probably a BAJILLION bags of Reese's eggs, they have to be out of the fridge though.  At bedtime, my 2nd baby sister and I had a secret handshake...she couldn't go to bed unless we went through the entire thing.

There's so many things and those are the moments that mean the most.  The ones that as I type, I smile and even get a little teary eyed.  That's what life is about.

What things are you starting with your little ones?  What was your favorite tradition as a child?  What are some of the fun, little things that make your family unique?


  1. I love this post...you are wonderful and your babies are the luckiest.

  2. Your son's name is Archer??? I clearly love that name, considering I have an Archer too hahah ;)

    I love traditions! We do a "Fun Friday" every Friday. We watch a movie, have dinner in the living room {usually something easy peasy and not messy} and cuddle up. I did this as a kid with my sisters and parents, it was fun!

    Aside from Fun Friday, we always have family dinners at the table with no electronics or TV on. Just us, talking. I did this growing up too and it's really important to me.

    As for holiday traditions, this year we are actually going to start our own {the last two years have been hectic and we've had to travel out of town}. I want to spend Christmas at our home, have the boys wake up and open their stockings, then eat a yummy Christmas hashbrown casserole, then do presents and spend the rest of the morning playing together. Then have dinner, either at our house or my SILs.

    And we started going to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins too!! Uh...bah there are a billion traditions that we do/are going to do when the kids are a bit older.

    Great post! Sorry for the novel lol